Full Journal Title: Indian Journal of Mass Communication and Journalism (IJMCJ)
ISSN: 2583-0651 (Online)
Publisher: Lattice Science Publication (LSP)
Publisher Location: India.
Postal Address: Lattice Science Publication (LSP), # G-20, Block-A, Tirupati Abhinav Commercial Campus, Tirupati Abhinav Homes, Ayodhya Bypass Road, Damkheda, Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh)-462037, India.
Editors: Editorial Board
Publication Frequency: Quarterly
Publication Medium: Online (Electronic Only)
Publication Website: www.ijmcj.latticescipub.com
First Year Published: 2021
Indexing Databases: Indexing & Abstracting
Journal DOI: https://doi.org/10.54105/ijmcj
Publication Language: English
Primary Field: Mass Communication and Journalism
Archive: https://www.ijmcj.latticescipub.com/archive/
CrossRef: Yes
Guidelines for Authors: https://www.ijmcj.latticescipub.com/instruction-for-authors/
Editorial and Publishing Policies: https://www.ijmcj.latticescipub.com/ethics-and-policies/
Publisher License under: CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0